Information technology in the voting process requires a deliberate and informed approach due to its complexity and the impact on numerous stakeholders. There are a lot of different ways to modernize electoral processes, but there is not a one-size fits all solutions available.

We support you to find the right solution to modernize your electoral process. We will not decide for you, but we will guide you through the jungle of different technology solutions and lead the way to the alternative which fits best your specific requirements. Our independency determines our consulting method – it does not allow us to sell you a certain product, but to support you in making informed decisions. We prepare the way for our clients and partners, which they will be able to go without us.

Our consulting services are covering three areas: strategy & analysis, process & implementation as well as sustainability

Strategy and analysis build the fundament and include especially the analysis of legal, technological, social and political conditions as well as the target groups for new voting technologies. Those analyses are the fundament for the development of a coherent strategy.

The process is the essential part of every election. Therefore, the process analysis is the basis for the development of a requirement profile or the choice of technology and more. For a successful implementation, it is necessary to analyze the contextual and environmental factors.

Sustainability of technology implementation is a key factor since budget restrictions and technological challenges increase. Sustainable success is reached trough continuous and independent evaluation of the project and a strategic approach.