This page will provide an overview of all articles and interviews in the media with or on E-Voting.CC as well as the topic Internet voting.


The dimension of Internet voting and current projects in Europe – Interview with Etopia News (15.2.2012)

Video interview with Manuel Kripp for the Online-TV Network Etopia News about the four dimensions of online voting and current Internet voting projects in Europe.
The video is available at the site of Etopia News here.


“Von den Esten lernen”, Interview for (5.3.2011)

Interview of the German newsportal with Manuel Kripp regarding the Estonian experience and a comparison with Germany’s development.
Read the full article here at (German only)


Online voting in Estonia, Interview with Le Monde (4.3.2011)

The French newspaper looks at te most recent online voting in Estonia and interviewed Manuel Kripp from E-Voting.CC.
Read the article here at (Frechn only).


Radio interview on Internet voting in Estonia, Bayerischer Rundfunk (06.03.2011)

The Bavarian Radio & Broadcasting Service (BR) interviewed Manuel Kripp regarding the Internet voting in Estonia in March 2011.
Listen to the full broadcast here at interviewed Manuel Kripp zu den Wahlen in Estland (10.3.2011), a German information portal on politics and Internet is looking at Estonia as the role model for Internet voting in Europe and interviewed Manuel Kripp.
The full article is available here at


Interview with Manuel for PEP-Net (March 2010)

John Heaven from TuTech Innovation GmbH in Hamburg interviewed Manuel for the PEP-Net blog on E-Voting, change management and the US elections.
Read the full interview on the PEP-Net blog (Link).