[heading type=”h2″ underlined=”false” no_top_padding=”false” no_bottom_padding=”false”]E-Voting: Introduction to Electronic Voting[/heading]


[dropcap style=’square’]E[/dropcap] lectronic voting or e-voting means the use of information technology in the election process for
1) voter registration,
2) vote casting, or
3) electronic counting.

The focus of this seminar is the provision of important basic knowledge on e-voting. The seminar does not only discuss the use for political elections but integrates the use for political, public and private elections and voting.


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This open seminar in English addresses election organizers and commissions, politicians, members of the administration as well as media representatives and interested citizens. Everybody with an interest in modern forms of democratic participation and electronic voting and elections should participate. The focus is on the provision of definitions and the understanding of the basic processes and technologies of e-voting.


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  • Definitions and forms of e-voting.
  • System requirements.
  • Benefits and challenges of e-voting.
  • Project planning and implementation.
  • International use of e-voting.
  • Experiences and best practices
  • Overview of technology providers.

The seminar will be topped with stimulating and interesting expert key notes.


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at the moment not

1.5 days


[one_half last][box title=”Seminar fee” centered_title=”false” inner_padding=”small” with_bg=”true”]

[span text_size=”bigger”]EUR 599,—[/span]

[span text_size=”small”](incl. VAT., incl. extensive course material, coffee breaks, lunch) Travel and accommodation are not included.[/span]


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Currently, there is not a seminar on Electronic Voting scheduled. If you are interested in the seminar, please contact us by email at office@e-voting.cc.


[info_box style=”notice”]The minimum number of participants to execute the seminar is eight. It is possible to organize this seminar for your organisation internally. We are happy to receive your request and will provide you with a customized offer. Please contact us direct by email at office@e-voting.cc. We are looking forward to your inquiry. [/info_box]