E-Voting.CC is an innovative consulting firm and was founded in 2006 as an academic network following the idea of realizing Internet voting. Our knowledge and expertise are the results of academic research as well as of practical application and implementation in different regional, national and international projects. E-Voting.CC offers holistic and independent consulting in different areas of responsibilities of the electoral process.

Our expertise stems from the combination of own experience and continuous exchange of information and knowledge with the academic community, practitioners, developers and vendors. The participation in this collaborative exchange process is the fundament of our competence.

E-Voting.CC contributes significantly to foster and enhance this exchange in Europe with the organization of the EVOTE conference. These conferences are among the most important international conferences bringing together academia, industry, administration and practitioners in the area of e-voting and new voting technologies.

E-Voting.CC publishes its profound knowledge in various media. We provide the latest news and trends for example in our “Modern Democracy Newsletter” or in our blog. Furthermore, we have the currently largest database about election modernization available.