The Modern Democracy Newsletter presents on a regular basis the latest news in the field of new voting technologies and electronic voting. Current projects are introduced and analyzed and trends are explored. Renowned experts provide their knowledge with guest articles. This makes the newsletter to one of the most important publications in this field.

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The Modern Democracy Magazine is the print publication of E-Voting.CC. It is the mostly read magazine and very popular in our field. Due to short resources the magazine is currently not published.

Issue 1/2011
1/2011: History of e-voting

Issue 2/2010
2/2010: E-voting trends and developments in 2011

Issue 1/2010
1/2010: E-Democracy in Developing Countries

Issue 2/2009
2/2009: Securing free and fair electronic elections?

Issue 1/2009
1/2009: Obama’s virtual race to the White House.