Our claim is the successful supervision and implementation of new voting processes and technologies. We work hard to achieve this claim. Our driver is the satisfaction of a client about a successful project. Satisfactory clients are the best references.

Our clients are members of election commissions and administrations, who are organizing elections, but also technology provider, who develop technologies and processes in order to improve the election process.

Our references cover the whole electoral process:

  • Consultant for the implementation of Internet voting in Austria for the federation of student      elections in 2009
  • Responsibility for the development of an election management and administration solution for the  2009 election in Austria
  • Evaluation of the technology in use in Austria and Catalunya (Spain)
  • Strategy development and implementation coaching of voting technology providers
  • Research and analysis of the use of Internet voting at shareholder meetings in Germany
  • Observation and monitoring of technology in elections in several countries (e.g. Estonia, Russia,  Venezuela, USA)

You have questions about our expertise or our references or want to get more information? Please do not hesitate to contact us.