Proceedings 2010

Here you can download the proceedings of the EVOTE2010. These are available as complete book or as single PDF files. Furthermore, all videos and presentations are available as well. The articles cover the following areas: e-voting experiences and developments, sociocultural aspects of e-voting, certification, evaluation and operation of e-voting, verification and protocols of e-voting systems as well as theoretical implications of e-voting.

Citation: AUTOR(EN) (2010) TITEL. In: Krimmer, R., Grimm, R.: Electronic Voting 2010. Proceedings of the 4th Conference on Electronic Voting P-167, LNI GI Series, Bonn.

Robert Krimmer, Rüdiger Grimm:
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Keynote Speech
Donetta Davidson, Election Assistance Commission, USA
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Session 1: Recent Developments in E-Voting

Voting Technology and the Election Experience: The 2009 Gubernatorial Races in New Jersey and Virginia
Thad Hall, Charles Stewart , R. Michael Alvarez
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The Use of E-Voting in the Federation of Students Elections 2009
Robert Krimmer, Andreas Ehringfeld, Markus Traxl
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Scantegrity Mock Election at Takoma Park
Alan T. Sherman, Richard Carback, David Chaum, Jeremy Clark, Aleksander Essex, Paul S. Herrnson, Travis Mayberry, Stefan Popoveniuc, Ronald L. Rivest, Emily Shen, Bimal Sinha, Poorvi Vora
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Session 2: Sociocultural Issues of E-Voting

The Role of Trust, Participation and Identity in the Propensity to E- & I-Vote
Letizia Caporusso
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The Virtual Polling Station – Transferring the Sociocultural Effect of Poll Site Elections to Remote Internet Voting
Philipp Richter
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Session 3: Certification and Evaluation of E-Voting Systems

A Formal IT-Security Model for the Correction and Abort Requirement of Electronic Voting
Rüdiger Grimm, Katharina Hupf, Melanie Volkamer

Compliance of POLYAS with the Common Criteria Protection Profile
Kai Reinhard, Niels Menke
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A Survey: Electronic Voting Development and Trends
Komminist Weldemariam, Adolfo Villafiorita
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Session 4: Operation and Evaluation of E-Voting Systems

An Evaluation and Certification Approach to Enable Voting Service Providers.
Axel Schmidt, Melanie Volkamer, Johannes Buchmann

Session 5: End to End Verifiability and Protocol Improvements

Verifiability in Electronic Voting Explanations for Non Security Experts
Rojan Gharadaghy, Melanie Volkamer

Verification Systems for Electronic Voting: A Survey
Jordi Pujol-Ahulló, Roger Jardi-Cedó, Jordi Castellà-Roca
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Sigma Ballots
Stefan Popoveniuc, Andrew Regenscheid
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Session 6: E-Voting Experiences

Electronic Elections in a Politicized Polity
Thad Hall, Leontine Leober
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Double-entry Accounting Provides Software-Independent Algorithm for Confirming the Integrity of Automated Election Tallies
Roberto S. Verzola

Analysis of Recommendation Rec(2004)11 Based on the Experiences of Specific Attacks Against the First Legally Binding Implementation of E-Voting in Austria
Andreas Ehringfeld, Larissa Naber, Thomas Grechenig, Robert Krimmer, Markus Traxl, Gerald Fischer

Session 7: Discussion of E-Voting Protocols

Universally Verifiable Efficient Re-Encryption Mixnet
Jordi Puiggalí Allepuz, Sandra Guasch Castelló
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Why Public Registration Boards are Required in E-Voting Systems Based on Threshold Blind Signature Protocols
Reto E. Koenig, Eric Dubuis, Rolf Haenni
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Session 8: Theoretical and Practical Implications of E-Voting

Coercion-Resistant Hybrid Voting Systems
Oliver Spycher, Rolf Haenni, Eric Dubuis
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E-voting in Japan: A developing case?
Masahiro Iwasaki:

Council of Europe Session

Key steps to e-enabled elections
Susanne Caarls
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Council of Europe Plenary Discussion on Internet Voting
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Best Paper Award Ceremony
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