Proceedings EVOTE2014

Here you can download the single papers from EVOTE2014 or the complete EVOTE2014 proceedings.

How to cite: Author (2014): Title. In: Krimmer, R., Volkamer, M.: Proceedings of Electronic Voting 2014 (EVOTE2014), TUT Press, Tallinn, p. xx-yy.

Opening Keynote

Electoral Technologies: Observations across Latin America
Yulimar Quintero Trumbo
Slides: evote2014_session1_quintero.pdf

Experiences with Internet Voting

The Patchwork of Internet Voting in Canada
Nicole Goodman and Jon Pammett, pages 13 – 18
Paper: evote2014_goodmann_pammett_p13-18.pdf
Slides: EVOTE2014_session2_goodman_Pammett.pdf – Practical Attempt to Overcome Internet Voting – Related Fears
Jonas Udris, pages 19 – 22
Paper: evote2014_udris_p19-22.pdf
Slides: evote2014_session2_udris.pdf

Verifiable Internet Voting in Estonia
Sven Heiberg and Jan Willemson, pages 23 – 28 
Paper: evote2014_heiberg_willemson_p23-30.pdf
Slides: evote2014_session2_heimann_willemson.pdf

Experiences with Voting Machines

From Piloting to Roll-out: Voting Experience and Trust in the First Full e-election in Argentina
Julia Pomares, Ines Levin, R. Michael Alvarez, Guillermo Lopez Mirau and Teresa Ovejero, pages 33 – 42 
Paper: evote2014_pomares_levin_alvarez_mirau_ovejero_p33-42.pdf
Slides: evote2014_session3_pomares.pdf

E-voting in the Netherlands; Past, Current, Future?
Leontine Loeber, pages 43 – 46
Paper: evote2014_loeber_p43-46.pdf
Slides: evote2014_session_3_loeber.pdf

Implementation Project Electronic Voting Azuay – Ecuador 2014
Juan Pozo, pages 47 – 60
Paper: evote2014_pozo_p47-58.pdf

Practicality of Technical Solutions

Practical Provably Correct Voter Privacy Protecting End to End Voting Employing Multiparty Computations and Split Value Representations of Votes
Michael Rabin and Ronald Rivest, pages 61 – 68
Paper: evote2014_rabin_rivest_p61-69.pdf
Slides: evote2014_session4_rabin_rivest.pdf

Pretty Understandable Democracy 2.0
Stephan Neumann, Christian Feier, Perihan Sahin and Sebastian Fach, pages 69 – 72
Paper: evote2014_neumann_feier_sahin_fach_p69-72.pdf
Slides: evote2014_session4_neumann.pdf

Open Source Technology in Election Administration
Peter Wolf
Slides: evote2014_session4_wolf.pdf

Trust in Electronic Voting

Trust and verifiability in Australian e-voting
Vanessa Teague
Slides: teague_evote.pdf

Trust in Internet Election: Observing the Norwegian Decryption and Counting Ceremony
Randi Markussen, Lorena Ronquillo and Carsten Schürmann, pages 75 – 82 
Paper: evote2014_markussen_ronquillo_schuermann_p75-83.pdf
Slides: evote2014_session5_lorena.pdf

Verifiability, Auditing and Certification

Proving the Monotonicity Criterion for a Plurality Vote-counting Program as a Step Towards Verified Vote-counting
Rajeev Gore and Thomas Meumann, pages 85 – 92
Paper: evote2014_gore_meumann_p85-91.pdf
Slides: evote2014_session6_gore_meumann_paper19_presentation.pdf

Efficiently Auditing Multi-Level Elections
Joshua A. Kroll, J. Alex Haldermann, and Edward W. Felten, pages 93 – 102
Paper: evote2014_kroll_halderman_felten_p93-101.pdf
Slides: evote2014_session6_kroll.pdf

International Standards

Ten Years of Rec(2004)11 – The Council of Europe and E-voting
Robert Stein and Gregor Wenda, pages 105 – 110
Paper: evote2014_stein_wenda_p105-110.pdf
Slides: evote2014_session7_wenda_stein_rec.pdf

Ten Years Council of Europe Rec(2004)11: Lessons Learned and Outlook
Ardita Driza Maurer, pages 111 – 117
Paper: evote2014_driza_maurer_p111-117.pdf
Slides: evote2014_session7_driza_maurer.pdf

Recent Developments in Switzerland

E-Voting in Switzerland where we stand today…
Oliver Spycher 
Slides: evote2014_session9_spycher.pdf

Electronic Voting in Polling Stations

Implementation and Evaluation of the EasyVote Tallying Component and Ballot
Jurlind Budurushi, Karen Renaud, Melanie Volkamer and Marcel Woide, pages 121 – 128
Paper: evote2014_budurushi_renaud_woide_p121-128.pdf

Pressing the Button for European Elections: Verifiable E-voting and Public Attitudes Toward Internet Voting in Greece
Alex Delis, Konstantina Gavatha, Aggelos Kiayias, Charalampos Koutalakis, Elias Nikolakopoulos, Mema Roussopoulou, Georgios Sotirellis, Panos Stathopoulos, Lampros Paschos, Pavlos Vasilopoulos, Thomas Zacharias and Bingsheng Zhang, pages 129 – 135 
Paper: evote2014_delis_gavatha_kiayias_p129-135.pdf
Slides: evote2014_session10_delis.pdf

Mobile Voting

Electronic Voting with Fully Distributed Trust and Maximized Flexibility Regarding Ballot Design
Oksana Kulyk, Stephan Neumann, Melanie Volkamer, Christian Feier and Thorben Köster, pages 139 – 148
Paper: evote2014_kulyk_neumann_volkamer_feier_koester_p139-148.pdf
Slides: evote2014_session11_kulyk.pdf

Scroll, Match & Vote: An E2E Coercion Resistant Mobile Voting System
Carlos Ribeiro, Rui Joaquim and Gonçalo Pereira, pages 149 – 152
Paper: evote2014_ribeiro_joaquim_pereira_p149-152.pdf