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[blockquote align=”right”]“The EVOTE builds the bridge between theory and practice in electronic voting.”[/blockquote]

The EVOTE is the most important international conference on e-voting in Europe, which brings together experts from academia, politics, government and industry from all over the world. The specialty of this biennial conference is its interdisciplinarity, which combines different perspectives and knowledge. This enables a broad exchange of knowledge and interesting discussions. The participants of the EVOTE benefit from the holistic view on electronic voting.

The EVOTE conferences are not only special because of its international and interdisciplanry perspective, but also because of its unique venue, the Castle Hofen in Lochau, Austria and its extraordinary side programme with the cheese road. The next conference, the EVOTE2016 will take place in October 2016.

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Information about the past EVOTE conferences is available here:


As always the EVOTE2014 took place in Castle Hofen from 28 October until 1 November 2014. It also hosted the bi-annual review meeting of the Council of Europe Recommendation Rec(2004)11 for the second time.


In 2012, the EVOTE conference took place as always in Castle Hofen. For the first time in its history the castle was fully booked out and several potential participants had to be turned away. Also the conference hosted for the first time the bi-annual review meeting of the Council of Europe Recommendation Rec(2004)11.


From 21-24 July 2010, EVOTE2010 took place in Castle Hofen again. The forth international conference on e-voting has been co-organized with the Council of Europe and the Gesellschaft für Informatik. Approximately 70 experts discussed various e-voting topics, practical experiences from Austria and US as well the issues of certification and verification.

The conference proceedings, videos and presentation are available in the publications site – Proceedings 2010.



The EVOTE2008 took place between the 6 and 9 August 2008 at Castle Hofen. Like in 2006 the conference was co-organized with the Gesellschaft für Informatik and was under the auspice of the Council of Europe.

The proceedings and all videos as well as single articles and presentations are available for download at the publications – Proceedings 2008.



From 2-4 August, EVOTE2006 took place for the second time in Castle Hofen. 85 participants discussed in three days the following topics: experiences with e-voting, legal, social, politcal and democratic as well as security related aspects of e-voting and analyzed specific e-voting solution.

The conference was under the auspice of the Council of Europe and supported by European Science Foundation (ESF) and the International Federation of Integrated Processing.

The Proceedings as well as the videos and presentations are available in the publication section – Proceedings 2006.



The first international EVOTE conference took place from 2 to 4 July 2004 at Castle Hofen in Austria. the conference theme was “Electronic Voting in Europe: Technology, Law, Politics and Society.”

The Proceedings are available in the publication section of – Proceedings 2004