Successful consulting includes the finding of solutions which satisfy the special contextual needs of the client. Our aim is to establish a sustainable and lasting added value for our customers and partners. We are one of few independent international consulting firms in the field of election modernization.

We support election administration, election organizers and technology suppliers in strategic planning, analysis and implementation of new voting technologies, such as e-voting, and modern election processes. Election modernization not only includes technology decisions, but has to integrate also legal, political and social aspects as well as different stakeholder. We consider all aspects in our consulting approach in order to ensure a successful election modernization.

We are collaboratively working with our client from the idea over the strategy and planning to the implementation and evaluation of new electoral processes and voting technologies.

Therefore, our holistic consulting approach covers the areas of strategy & analysis, process & implementation and sustainability.

Strategy & Analysis

  • Workshops about strategy development, international best practices and technology suppliers
  • Market and technology analysis, new markets and competitive intelligence
  • Development of a sustainable modernization strategy
  • Analysis of election processes
  • Needs assessment and development of requirement profiles

Process & implementation

  • Support in drafting tender invitations
  • Support in realization and implementation of new voting processes and technologies
  • Project management


  • Evaluation of technology application
  • Analysis of existing technologies and identification of further optimization possibilities