Modern technologies are not only influencing our daily lives but the innovation and developments effect political participation and elections. New voting technologies significantly influence the casting and the processing of votes.

This change and innovation challenge established concepts of democracy and require new knowledge and techniques to enable election organizers to deal with all the challenges.

With our open seminar series on electronic voting and new voting technologies we address these challenges and aim to provide the knowledge on the future of voting. We would like to enable you to choose fitting technologies and modernize the election process according your specific situation.

The Open Seminars are references to our core competences. Currently three seminars are planned:

Electronic voting – Introduction and basic understanding

Online voting – Voting from anywhere anytime

Technology in the voting process – Modernization with classic ballot casting

The Open Seminars are aiming at organisers of elections and election commissions for public and private elections and voting, but are also open to any interested citizens, politician or media representative with the aim of understanding the future of voting.

The goal of the seminar series is to provide and interactively discuss the knowledge and experience of our experts.